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Social + Salsa = Social Salsa Zurich

Social Salsa Culture

We are a social group as well as a dancing community based in Zurich. We are aiming to make Social Salsa a social hub for all Salsa lovers, where you can have fun dancing and meeting a lot of interesting people. 

We have our own events every Monday. We also meet up for other dance parties or social events. To not miss out to social activities, and contact there for spontaneous meetings please join our facebook group and Whatsapp group.

Facebook Group: www.facebook.com/groups/socialsalsazurich/


Summer Events

We will not have classes and regular parties during summer. However we will organise a lot cool events such as dance by the lake.  Most events will be only posted in our Facebook groupClick here to find the pictures of our first Social Salas Open Air. on 1st July.  Next event is organised is on 14 July 2018 and 21 July 2018.


Upcoming Events