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Salsamania Discount Registration

Thanks to Salsamania’s offer, we will get the discounted price CHF10 (from CHF15) for Salsamania parties on Thursdays. To claim this discount, please enter your full name and email address. To claim this discount at the entry, please give your full name, then you will only need to pay CHF10 instead of CH15. This registration is effective for parties from 1 December. For November discount, you can pick up the discount cards at our parties on Mondays.

Registration for each party MUST be completed before 12:00pm noon on the day of the party to receive the discount.

Click here to check all Salsamania party times.

Name *
Date of the party you require the discount for


  1. This discount can’t be use together with other promotions

  1. This is a general registration. It’s your own responsibility to check online to make sure there is a Salsamania party for the day you desire

  2. We are not responsible for any Salsamania’s party cancelation

  3. Your email will be used for Social Salsa newsletter (unsubscription is allowed), and forwarded to Salsamania to secure this discount. By registering, you agree to this.

  4. Late registrations (after 12 noon) on the day of the party will not receive a discount.